Recent frequently-asked-questions about DWG FastView

Hello dear users,

We have received many questions about DWG FastView. In order to avoid repeat answers, now allow me to list some mostly asked questions:

Q: what is the difference between DWG FastView Advanced membership(premium) and Super membership?

A: the super membership, which supports 3D drawing view, is newly added this month. Currently, it is only available on web, not for Windows and mobile. Later, 3D view will be added to Windows and Mobile. Please be patient.

Q: Where is the license? After payment, I am still asked to upgrade.

A: There is no license for DWG FastView. After payment, your account will take affect automatically. Please make sure you login with the right email address, with which you registered DWG FastView and paid. Also, please log out and login again to see. Please note that, on the below, the last question, DWG FastView Pro has a licensing system and DWG FastView does not.

Q: I forgot my password and can't receive the password reset link.

A: We suggest you login by social networks, not by email. If you already logged in by email and forgot your password on Windows or Web, you can try to reset it on Mobile. If you forgot your password of mobile DWG FastView, you can try to reset it on web. Try there and after login, change the password from the Account info. If still failed, please contact us.

Q: how can I cancel my subscription or request refund?

A: you can cancel the subscription or cancel purchase within 7 days on your own. Please go to your google play, Apple store or your shopper account subject to where you paid the first time. If you paid on Windows or Chrome browsers, ctually you have received an email telling you how to cancel or refund from 2checkout. Also, you can read here

Q: I want to buy more licenses, how can I do that?

A: just like answered above, there is no license for DWG FastView. If you want to buy multiple premium accounts, please prepare multiple emails, we can create premium accounts for you and even give you a discount.

Q: What is the difference between DWG FastView and DWG FastView Pro?

A: DWG FastView Pro is a professional software for designers, engineers and design workshops or small and medium sized businesses. Please note that the Pro has a licensing system, after you paid for it, you will receive a license to activate it, which is totally different from DWG FastView.



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  1. E quanto à conectividade com tecnologia BIM?
    É possível em ambas as versões?
    Pode trabalhar com em BIM e com o software Revit e Navisworks, por exemplo?

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