Free use of DWG FastView to Education

Hello dear users, in order to support the education career of the whole world, we decide to contribute DWG FastView free to universities, colleges and any other education and training institutions.

The policy to use DWG FastVIew free

Clause 1. If you are a student, you can get DWG FastView free for 30 days. Please show your student card to us and share the following red content to your favorite social networks. Experience lighting fast DWG viewing, editing, sharing with DWG FastView. Download and install it here

Clause 2. If you are a teacher, you can get DWG FastView free for 60 days. Please show your teacher's certificate and working card to apply from us. By the way, if you upload your teaching videos with DWG FastView to Youtube, and also copy the red content above, you can get 90 days free or even more and continuous application of free use is supported.

Clause 3.  If you are a professor or associate professor, you can use DWG FastView for 365 days. Please show your Professorial certificate and working card to apply.

Please submit your certificate and working card in the following form and we will handle it as soon as possible.

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