Frequently Asked Questions of DWG FastView

We collected and organized the questions frequently asked by users. If you often use DWG FastView, we suggest you read these.

Q:  why can't my drawing be opened?

A: DWG FastView doesn't limit the size of drawing. As long as the running memory of your mobile phone is enough, DWG FastView can open any-sized drawings. Sometimes users can't open, because the running memory of your mobile is not enough for opening the drawings or the drawings themselves have errors.

Q: why can't I open the drawing sent or received in 3rd party programs such as whatsapp?

A: Please update DWG FastView to latest version. This is a bug fixed recently. If you still can't open, contact us here and remember to provide your device info such as android 9, brand and your account email.

Q: Why can't my iPad or tablet recogonize the drawing synced from PC?

A: Please check your drawing, it is ended with .dwg filename? Does the filename contain punctuations or spaces? If so, rename it. If you still can't open, contact us here and remember to provide your device info such as android 9, brand and your account email.

Q: why does the upgrade page often load failure or why can't I pay?

A: Please check your internet. Restart the dwg fastview.  If it is still hard to pay, we suggest you pay on our website, remember to use your email and password to log in before you pay. DWG FastView is a program accross devices and platforms, one account can be used on PC, mobile and Web, whatever android or Apple.

Q: Is DWG FastView free?

A: Yes, it is free, but there are a few advanced features you need to pay. But don't worry, the free version is enough for many people. And each user has 10 minutes free use of advanced features.

Q: I paid but why can't I still have the premium account?

A: Please log out of your account and re-login and try. Please close the app and restart it. For a premium account, you can enjoy the advanced features, no ads and no upgrade link in top-left menu. If you are still asked to pay, you still can see the ads, upgrade button is still in the top-left menu, please forward your receipt email with your account email and your device info to

Q: why does my premium access disappear? The app became free version again.

A: Check your subscription. Because of your payment method or other reasons, Google or Apple can't renew your subscription. It expired. Please re-subscribe manually and make sure to enable the auto-renewal.

Q: can I get a receipt or an invoice?

A: Yes sure, it is easy to get this on Google play or apple store. If you bought on our official website, you will receive emails about your payment. Read the email carefully especially the bottom which indicates how to login shopper account and get your invoice and other information. Read this aftersale page.

Q: how can I get in touch with DWG FastView?

A: Many ways, you can contact us by a form, email, and instant messengers.

To be continued. If another question is asked very frequently, I will place here. Please keep an eye on our blog