Hello dear customers,

Want invoice? want to unsubscribe?  want to disable auto renewal? Read on please.

After you buy our product on our website, you will receive an email. Please do check the email content especially the links at the end of the email in which you can find a shopper link. You will be automatically created an account for. You can log in your account from the link in the email or here( this link loads with a few seconds and there is a redirect)

Log in the account by order number or credit card info. Don't worry. 2checkout payment gateway is one of the most secure payment processing platform.

In your account, you can enable or disable the automatical subscription. Sure, you can renew it manually. By the way, the upgrade link is not working. If you want to upgrade your subscription from monthly to yearly, please purchase the yearly plan directly and the subscription will start at the end of your monthly subscription. In addition, you can also download your invoice from shopper account.

Shopper account link goes here.

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