DWG FastView CAD SDK Service for Corporation & Enterprise

DWG FastView CAD sdk plug-in, tailored for the enterprise CAD online dwg view purpose, without installing any plug-ins, can be seamlessly integrated into all kinds of browser/server system, mobile application, client software and HTML5 programs, to achieve the privatization of enterprise drawing management and collaborative work.


What problems do this SDK or API solve?

  • Improve the efficiency of drawing examination,no need to download the drawing to the local, directly online check & annotation drawing.
  • The drawing is safe and not disclosed, no need to download the drawing software, the company can directly view drawings in its own application.
  • Improve production efficiency, farewell to paper drawings, through the cloud production, collaboration and communication.
  • Improve design efficiency, drafting circulation of upstream and downstream enterprises, communication on collaborative design needs.

What kind of systems can integrate this SDK?

  • Enterprise network disk
  • Office automation system
  • Collaborative design system
  • Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • file management system
  • archives management system
  • project management system
  • Corporate website
  • browser or HTML programs
  • Mobile applications


About versions of DWG FastView CAD SDK

SDK web version: seamless connection with the enterprise's existing OA system drawing file system management system, low cost to help enterprises to realize the web side of CAD drawings browsing.

SDK mobile version: through SDK integration into the enterprise's existing mobile application, the construction personnel can view the CAD drawings offline without internet, and communicate with the design anytime and anywhere.

What are the main features of this CAD SDK?

  1. Drawing browse:  open DWG drawing file to browse drawings directly, compatible with the full version of CAD drawing format.
  2. Drawing view: provide a full view view display, moving view window, zooming full screen display and other complete viewing tools.
  3. File tools: supports common functions such as print and output images & PDF; supports uploading font to ensure correct drawing display.
  4. Measurement tools: support measuring length and area to meet the needs of simple measurement.
  5. Layer & layout: provides comprehensive layer and layout capabilities for efficient viewing of drawings.
  6. Customization: support customized requirements for enterprises, functions can be arbitrarily selected and customized.

Private deployment, efficient and reliable, strong compatibility

  1. Drawings compatible: compatible with the latest version of autoCAD drawings.
  2. Browser: major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.
  3. Server: support Windows/Linux
  4. Development language: support common development languages, including Java C++ NET, Python, etc