Refer & Earn

Refer your friends and get free premium account

Invite your friends to use DWG FastView and if he registered, you and your friend both get free premium account for thr ee days!

You know most of features of DWG Fastview are free but some advanced features are premium. That said, you have to subscribe to unlock them. Actually for the advanced features we also have 10 minutes free every day! We have completely considered many users are embarrasingly short of money to subscribe. Therefore, don't worry, most features are free, advanced features also can be free 10 minutes every day. And if that is not enough...

Invite your friends to register DWG FastView

After your friend register, both you and your freinds can get 3 days free premium.

Let me tell you how to do this with following steps.

Open DWG FastView on your mobile phone(if you have not installed yet, please download here, click the top-left profile icon and you will see:

Yes, click the Invite to earn menu, you will see:

And then click Invite friends. You can share your unique referring link through Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram depending on what instant messengers installed on your device.