trim and offset with DWG FastView

Whether designing drawings in personal computer or viewing & editing on the mobile, the edit features of trim and offset are used quite often. Now let's show how to trim and offset with DWG FastView.

There are two work modes for trim command, quick trim and select edges and the form is the default one. In quick trim mode, you can trim selected objects. You can select an object by tapping on it or draw lines intersected with it. For the other trim mode, select boundary by tapping on objects or cross selecting and you can see how many objects are selected. Click finish button in the panel to next step.quick_trim-gif_demo

Likewise, there are two ways for offset commands, specifying offset distance and through a point, and the default is by offset distance. You can input the distance value. Then select an object to offset, tap on the drawing to specify the offset direction. For the way of through a point, first step is also select an object to offset, specify one point, after offset of one object, you could continue to offset or end the command.


We see from our database that users are frequently using trim and offset functions. You can use them free by trial every day for half an hour. To unlock them, please tap on this upgrade link or the button below to upgrade your account.

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  1. Sigo con el problema ... Tomó medidas y no me dan ... Así coloque la escala q sea ni me sirve para imprimir por q los planos no salen a escala muy pero muy complicado de verdad me gustaría q me ayudarán con eso pues en general me gusta esta aplicación ... Quedaré al pendiente

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