DWG FastView advanced editing commands: trim & offset

In our APP and in the menu and from the message, you can see a post called "trim and offset with DWG FastView".

Yes, those are two advanced editing commands: trim & offset. So, let me introduce the two in details today.


There are two work modes for Trim command ,Quick trim mode and Select edges mode. The Quick trim mode is default mode for trim command.

Quick trim mode

In Quick trim mode, you can trim selected objects.
You could select an object by tapping on it or draw lines intersected with it.
You could tap Settings button and switch to Select edges mode.

Select edges mode

Operation steps:
Step1: select boundary by tapping on objects or crossing selecting;
Step2: after selecting boundary, it display: No objects selected, you could click “Finish” button in the panel to next step;
Step 3: select object to trim according to command prompt; and the selected objects will be trimed.

Trim Settings

Trim mode:
Tap on one mode, it will switch immediately.
Edge extension mode:
It is controlled by EDGEMODE system variable.


There are two ways for Offset command ,specifying offset distance and specifying the through point . It is default to specify offset distance.

Specify offset distance

  1. you could enter the offset distance or tap to specify two points, the distance between two points will be used as offset distance.
  2. select an object to offset;
  3. tap on the drawing to specify the offset direction according to command prompt.

If you go to settings, you could switch to another work mode:

Specify the through point.

Specify the through point

Operation steps:
Step1: select an object to offset;
Step2: specify the through point;
After offset one object, you could select another object to offset or end command.

Offset Settings

Offset mode:
Tap on one mode, and it will switch immediately.
Layer option:
Source: Apply source layer on selected object for offsetting.
Current: Apply current layer on selected object for offsetting.
Source object: Erase source object after offsetting.

2 Replies to “DWG FastView advanced editing commands: trim & offset”

  1. Quero saber como uso esses comandos no computador, pois só consigo usá-lo no mobile!?

    Comprei o aplicativo para usá-lo no computador tmb...

    Tenho um DELL com windows...

    1. Existem alguns recursos que são inconsistentes entre a versão móvel e a versão do Windows, mas estamos prestes a lançar uma nova versão e eles serão gradualmente consistentes.

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