DWG FastView for Mobile: Edit mode and View mode

Dear users, long time ago we introduced the two modes of our mobile app, draw in edit mode and view mode.

What is exactly the difference between edit mode and view mode?

In DWG FastView for mobile, generally the edit mode and view mode serve distinct purposes:

View Mode: This mode allows users to open and view DWG (AutoCAD) files on their mobile devices without making any changes to the content. It's primarily for reviewing, inspecting, and navigating through drawings without altering them. In view mode, you can zoom in, zoom out, pan, and perform other basic viewing operations.

Edit Mode: On the other hand, edit mode enables users to make modifications to the DWG files directly from their mobile devices. This includes tasks like adding, deleting, or modifying entities, such as lines, shapes, or text within the drawing. Edit mode provides tools and functionalities for editing the content of the drawings, allowing users to make changes on the go.

In summary, view mode is for passive viewing and inspection of DWG files, while edit mode allows active editing and manipulation of the content within those files.

What features are avaiable for edit mode but not for view mode?

The available features only for Edit mode are: Draw, Edit, Dimension and Color. Look at the following screen records:

You can check each feature set on the bottom of the drawing; actually the sub features under the main feature set are also different.

As you see in the video, how to switch between Edit mode and View mode? Yes, go to the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the drawing and you will see.

DWG FastView provides free trial, but if you want to unlock all featues & close all ads, please click the button below to upgrade your DWG FastView account on mobile phone. If you want to upgrade on PC, click here. Wherever you upgrade your account on mobile app or on our website, the premium account is the same and can be used across devices, Windows and web browsers.

DWG FastView for Mobile: Edit mode and View mode

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