DWG FastView-measure command-measure distance

Today let's learn how to measure a distance on the drawing.


Click the “Measure” button and select the “Distance” tool, it displays the following panel by default:

Step 1: specify the start point of measuring by clicking or dragging. The start point will be obtained by lifting the finger.

Step 2: specify the end point by clicking or dragging. It displays the following information between two specified points: Length, Angle, X Increment, and Y Increment.

Step 3: you could repeat the step 2 and step 3 to measure length of another segment.

Click the switch button and you could get a total length by specifying several points.

Step 1: specify points of measuring by clicking or dragging;

Step 2: if specified more than two points, it displays the total length of all segments.

Long press in the value box and choose “Copy” option to copy measure result, click “×” behind value box or “×” behind command prompts to end command.

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