DWG FastView-edit mode

In last post, we introduced the view mode and today let's edit mode.

DWG FastView-edit mode

Save: save or save as current drawing.

Undo: cancel last operation.

Redo: Restore the effect of previous canceled step of “Undo” command.

Full Drawing: Display full drawing.

Full View: Display in full creen.

More: tap to display more information, for instance, Switch to View Mode, File Information, as well as Export, Help, History, Hide annotations, Hide annotations, and Settings.

Quick command: Display recent used commands. Tapping on the command icon could start it immediately. It is default to display quick commands, and it could be hidden by changing it in settings.

Annotation: including Sketch, Arrow, Text, Revcloud, Recording, Image, Leader, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse. In View mode, it is available to create and edit annotations, and in Edit mode, it is only available to view annotations.

Draw: it displays ten kinds of objects to draw: Polyline, Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Revcloud, Sketch, Smart Pen, Text, and Notation.
Modify: It provides Trim, Extend, Offset, Fillet, and Chamfer.

Layer: It provides Layer List, Layer off, Off Other layers, Layer Previous, Turn All Layers On, and Make Layer Current.

Measure: Including Distance, Area, ID Point, Arc length, Entity, Angle, Scale, and Result.

Dimension: It Provides Aligned Dimesion, Linear Dimension, Angular Dimension,Radius Dimension, Diameter Dimension, and Arc Length Dimension.

Color: It displays seven kinds of color. You can change the color of the brush.

Toolbox: It provides Find, Count Block, and Bookmark functions.

Layout : you can switch between model space and layout space freely.

Visual Style: It provides 2D and 3D visual styles.

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  1. Ho realizzato un disegno. Poi ho creato vari livelli. Come faccio ad attribuire alcune linee ad un livello specifico?

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