Try aligned & linear dimension now!

Let's learn how to use aligned dimension and linear dimension with DWG FastView.

DWG FastView is proud to have many features and some of them are not always free. So today let's see two paid features which are used most frequently: aligned and linear dimensioning.

Sometimes you want to dimension a length which is either vertical or horizontal, then it is time for linear dimension command to take affect. Please tap the Aligned icon to start this command, specify the first extension line origin and 2nd one, tap on blank area to finish, and then you made it. You can also move the line location. Let's take a look at the animation tutorial.(Due to the GIF size problem, it has to be compressed for faster loading speed, so it seems not very clear and sharp. Actually when you operate in our app, it is extremely distinct.



For aligned dimensioning, it is used for measuring and marking a length which is neither vertical nor horizontal, but slant or sloping. Aligned dimension measures a straight line distance between two points. The operational procedure is the same as above linear dimension, only different in situation. Please see the following tutorial.


Ok, the above-mentioned dimensioning features are the most popular within our users, a lot of users pay for it. Still wait for what? Just tap on the upgrade button below to experience the amazing dimensioning of DWG FastView.upgrade button

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