In last post, we introduced the ビューモード and today let's edit mode.

Save: save or save as current drawing.

Undo: cancel last operation.

Redo: Restore the effect of previous canceled step of “Undo” command.



More: tap to display more information, for instance, Switch to View Mode, File Information, as well as Export, Help, History, Hide annotations, Hide annotations, and Settings.



Draw: it displays ten kinds of objects to draw: Polyline, Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle, Revcloud, Sketch, Smart Pen, Text, and Notation.
Modify: It provides Trim, Extend, Offset, Fillet, and Chamfer.

Layer: It provides Layer List, Layer off, Off Other layers, Layer Previous, Turn All Layers On, and Make Layer Current.

Measure: Including Distance, Area, ID Point, Arc length, Entity, Angle, Scale, and Result.

Dimension: It Provides Aligned Dimesion, Linear Dimension, Angular Dimension,Radius Dimension, Diameter Dimension, and Arc Length Dimension.

Color: It displays seven kinds of color. You can change the color of the brush.

Toolbox: It provides Find, Count Block, and Bookmark functions.

Layout : you can switch between model space and layout space freely.




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