DWG FastView-About Settings

About Settings

Change default opening mode

It provides Edit Mode and View Mode.
In View Mode, it enables you to view drawing in a fast way, but drawing and editing functions are disabled.
In Edit Mode, it provides some advanced functions for viewing, drawing, editing, saving, annotating for 2D drawings, as well supports all-perspective browsing for 3D drawings, layer viewing, layout switching, and 2D/3D switching.

Background Color

There are black, white, and light yellow available.

Save as

The drawing can be saved as DWG 2000, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2018. It is compatible with the latest DWG version of AutoCAD.

Tips of missing font

Its default mode is off. Under the on mode, if the DWG FastView has not loaded the font you need, when you open the drawing, the tip window pops up, meanwhile, the missing font will be replaced automatically.


If there are some question marks displaying in a drawing, it means some fonts missing. To display them, you should import fonts and symbols to the Fonts folder.
Step 1: download font file to your mobile device
Import from computer. The method is the same as importing drawings (Reference to Import Drawings part).

Step 2: add it to Fonts folder
Tap the “+” button and select font files to add.

Step 3: display fonts
Reopen the drawing, fonts could be displayed correctly.
In order to ensure the font file display correctly, it is recommended to add fonts to Fonts folder.

Other related operations:
Delete: there is a “Trash Can” icon on the right of each added font file; you can delete it by tapping the “Trash Can” icon.


Use KeyPad while drafting.

Simulated Mouse

Display or hide simulated mouse when specifying a point.

Magnifier Size

There are three options available: small, middle, and large.
You can set the magnifier size according to convenience of editing.

Magnifier Position

There are three positions available: left, right, and follow.
You can set the magnifier position according to your operation preference.

Object Snap

Turns object snaps on and off. The object snaps selected under Object Snap Modes are disabled while Object Snap is off. So does Object Snap Tracking.

Snap Mode

In current version, Endpoint, Midpoint, Center, Node, Quadrant, Intersection, Insertion, Perpendicular, Tangent, Nearest are available.

Object Snap Tracking

Turns object snaps tracking on and off.

Polar Tracking

Turns polar tracking on and off.

Auto record measurement result

Turn on this option, it will automatically record measurement result. You could check all result in "Result" command (Measure-Result).

Quick command

It is used to quickly start the command. The default mode is on.

Pop up command name

Press and hold the secondary menu command of the drawing to display the command name.

Screen Always On

The default mode is off.

Restore default service configuration

By restoring the default service configuration, you can resolve the problem of network connection (such as login exception of my cloud, failure to obtain file list of my cloud and server errors). You need to log in again after restoring configuration.

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  1. Ho problemi nell'utilizzo del SW con Lenovo P11. Non sempre riesco a salvare i file e, comunque, quando riesco i tempi sono lunghissimi. Problemi dunque di affidabilità quando effettuo rilievi.

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