Accurate Capture in DWG FastView for Windows

DWG Fastview does not only support drawing view, but also various kinds of measurements, annotations, dimensions and plotting. As for the measurement, which has to be mentioned is Accurate Capture.

The Accurate Capture can catch: endpoint, middle point, center point, node point, quadrantal point, intersection point, foot point and nearest point.

If you don't turn on the accurate capture, by hand alone, it is not precise. Accuracy is important to the engineers and AEC.

Therefore turn on the accurate capture in the settings or on the bottom of the opened drawing interface of the software.

After being turned on, when you start to measure something, as soon as you approach the starting point, it automatically snap the point. That operation is the most precise. It is just the actual point, without the slightest mistake.

Enjoy the accurate capture.

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