DWG FastView-measure command-measure area

In last post we learned how to measure a distance, and today we are going to introduce how to measure area.


  1. click the “Measure” button and select the “Area” tool.
  2. specify the start point by clicking or dragging.
  3. specify next point. Now you could click “New” button to cancel the last two specified points and start a new Area command. If you click “New” button, it goes back to step 2.
  4. specify next point. After specified three points, it automatically displays a closed region, and its area and perimeter displays in value box.
  5. specify next point. The operation is the same as step 4.
  6. long press in the value box and choose “Copy” option to copy measure result.
  7. click “×” behind value box or “×” behind command prompts to end command.

3 Replies to “DWG FastView-measure command-measure area”

  1. in my dwg fast view when measuring area the area total always remains 0 the perimeter is given but area no is there a setting in the software

    1. The reason may be that the area after measurement is 0.00001, the accuracy is reserved for 2 digits, and the rounding becomes 0.00. You can set the accuracy or scale in the setting.

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