An introduction to DWG FastView for Windows

An overview of DWG FastView for Windows

DWG FastView for Windows is a desktop software just like the DWG FastView for mobile is a mobile application. However, it is totally different from Autocad and other CAD software, because it is very light and small, easy to install and fast to run. Most importantly, it is much more cheaper than traditional CAD software but almost as powerful as they are.

If you have a windows laptop or PC, you can download it, 32bit or 64bit, now only for Windows, not for Mac. You know fewer people use Mac especially the engineers in the field of architecture, engineering and construction.

DWG FastView is mainly for whose who:

  • often need to view drawings
  • don't want to buy expensive CAD software
  • often work outside
  • work in the office but not a designer

Main features of DWG FastView

Fast open multiple drawings, pan and zoom.

Quick response for opening drawings, stable performance even for large files.

One account for mobile, Windows and web across multi-platform and devices.

Register DWG FastView for Windows to use mobile version and web version,

access project files in cloud anytime and anywhere in browser, mobile phone and PC,

share and communicate about drawings conveniently, effectively and safely.

Professional intelligent premium account.

Open premium account to gain 5G storage cloud and enjoy priviledges of DWG FastView for Windows, accessing cloud drawings with ease.

Find more information here. But please note, the final version is not released yet and will be ready on Mid-August. Please stay tuned.

By the way, to celebrate the release of the windows version, we are having a promotion now: buy one year and get additional 3 months premium account. You can also register an account to experience the premium for 7 days.









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12 Replies to “An introduction to DWG FastView for Windows”

  1. አድሥ የምርታችሁ ተጠቃሚ እንደመሆኔ በጣም ተመችቶኛል:: ሙሉ የአጠቃቀም ማንዋል ቢዘጋጅለት የተሻለ ይሆናል::

  2. Mahusay ang pag kakagawa ng DWG FastView, isang bagay na pakikinabangan ng madalas gumamit ng Civil 3D. pinahahalagahan ko na naka pag install ako nito. thanks you very
    much po sa inyo.

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