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This post expired, now 7 days free premium was cancelled.

Many users don't know the fact that there are 7 days free premium for new registered users. The free premium account is exactly the same as the official premium except the cloud storage and ads.

Meanwhile, after the 7 days free premium, users still can get trial of 30 minutes except the cloud storage and with ads.

Later we are going to give you promo codes so that you can easily enjoy a free subscription of one month with bigger cloud storage and without ads. Click here to know the clear comparison between the free version and premium.

If you are not a heavy user, free premium and daily 30 minute trial is enough. If you want to experience the complete subscription, please wait for our promo codes.

On the other hand, for the free users, we may place a bit ads in between the drawings on the home screen or above the drawing exit
pop-up but please rest assured that there is no disturbance to you because we have made many experients in a group of users.

Of course the best method is to buy the subscription:) We hope you enjoy DWG FastView. Contact us if you have any questions.

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210 Replies to “Register to get premium free”

    1. 您可能用的是plus,这个版本目前没有账户体系。我们很快就会发布最新版的PC端看图王,到时候可以直接登录使用。

  1. I was download DWG and software woking best for 6 months after that is not working, moreover loaded map is also deleted.

    1. That is very strange. What is your username or registered email?
      Can you go to the App menu and click About, and then click the logo ten times, copy the popup message here please.

  2. Dear developers: first I thanks you peoples well done, I appreciate this Gstar card ,I love it to design , I like to use this only . thank you

  3. I will use this app for future because this software ia very easy and any dwg file open this software. So I like 5his software very much. I also use this app in Mobile version

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