An introduction to Shortcuts of DWG FastView for Windows

Dear users, today let me introduce the shortcuts of DWG FastView for Windows. The shortcuts mean shortcut key and shortcut commands.

First, start DWG FastView for Windows and look at the top ribbon menus and find Help:

Under the Help menu, you can see ShortCutKey and Shortcut commands from the yellow arrows in the screenshot above.

The shortcut commands enable you to implement functions with alias or commands. When you open a drawing, press CTRL+9, you will see the command line:

For shortcut commands, you define your own, add or remove the existing ones.

Let's see the shortcut keys:

These are shortcut keys that you can directly use in DWG FastView for Windows, not used in command line. They are the same as ones in Windows and Chrome browsers.

Download DWG FastView for Windows to enjoy the shortcuts!

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