3D RVT file format is supported to view in DWG FastView for iOS

.RVT is a file extension assigned to Autodesk Revit Project Files, a proprietary format used to create 3D building models and drawing sets. .RVTs are used across the AECO industry to store and edit BIM (Building Information Modeling) data.

The good news is that RVT file now is able to be viewed in DWG FastView for iOS. You can view it free.

Update your DWG FastView to the latest and when you open the app, you will see:

And tap on it, you will see:

When you or your colleague received a RVT file in any applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram or Google Drive, just click it, you will be reminded to open with DWG FastView and set Always use it to open.

If you are using DWG FastView for Android or Windows, we are sorry that feature is not added yet but available on DWG FastView for Web.

OK, DWG FastView, enjoy more than DWG Fast View!

If you want to use DWG FastView without ads and unlock all features, please upgrade your account after registration by clicking the following button.

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