View your drawings in Google Drive/Dropbox with DWG FastView

Dear users,

It is well known that many people use Dropbox or Google drive to store files so that they can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Today let's show how to connect your dropbox or Google drive with DWG FastView mobile app. After that, you can view and edit your drawings easily with DWG FastView.

Step 1. Open DWG FastView and go to the middle tab on the bottom and the click the Cloud service on the top.

Check the video tutorial here or read the text instructions below.

Step 2. Then take Dropbox for example, click the login on the right, you will be asked to choose a program to complete the action, choose Chrome browser please.

Step 3. Enter your dropbox username and password to login, and you will see a deep blue button and agree to allow GstarCAD to access your files.

Step 4. Then you will be asked to choose which app to complete the action. Please do remember to choose DWG FastView.

Step5. Go back to your DWG FastView and you will be you have been logged in with Dropbox.

Last Step.Click the dropbox icon and you will see your drawings stored there. Click on any drawing, you will be able to view or edit with DWG FastView.

OK, that is the procedure to access and operate your drawings in web disk such as Dropbox and Google drive. For the Google drive or Onedrive, the method is the same. Welcome to try it now!

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