How can I share a drawing with annotations?

Today in the morning, there is a customer asking how to export the drawing to PDF with annotations.

Actually when you annotate in the drawings, and if you exit, there will be a popup asking whether to upload to My Cloud or not.

If you upload the annotated drawings, you will be able to get it on other devices and share it to your friends with your modifications.

Remember, in the home screen, long press your drawing and you will see the Share link. Sure in My Cloud, you can also see your uploaded drawings(sometimes you need to refresh by a pulldown). Long press the drawing, click Share, set up the link validity period and whether the annotation is visible or not, click OK. Then it will be quite easy. After your friend click or copy your shared link, he will be redirected to the shared drawing. If he has not installed DWG FastView, he will be redirected to Google play page or Apple store.

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