DWG FastView-multiple edit

Simple Edit

When you select multiple objects, the selected objects are surrounded by a rectangle with four pinches at four corners; and it displays Move icon in the center and Rotate icon on the right.


Press on one pinch and drag to scale selected objects.
Then It displays scale value while dragging. After dragging, you could tap on value box to modify scales by popping keypad.


Press on Move icon and drag to move the selected objects.
It displays the distance between the original position and current location. After moving, you could tap on value box to modify distance by popping keypad.


Press on Rotate icon and drag to change direction of selected objects. It displays rotation angle when rotating selected object. After rotating, you could tap on value box to modify rotation angle by popping keypad.

Edit Menu

When selecting objects, it displays editing menu and supplies the following related options: Delete, Copy, Move, Rotate, Mirror, and Color.

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