dwg fastview-general command-count block

Counting specified block in specified range

Operation steps:
Step 1: select the block in the drawing area according to command prompt;
Step 2:in the following dialog box, set counting conditions;

Block name:
It displays the name of selected block, you could tap on it to reselect.

Count in the layer below:
It displays the layer name in the dialog box after selecting a block. If it is turned on, only blocks in this layer are counted; else, blocks in specified range will be counted, no related to layer .

Ignore the following blocks:
Blocks in the same insert point:
It will count blocks with the same insert point.

You could customize scale value, and X scale value and Y scale value should satisfy with this value.

Current View:
It will count blocks in current view.

Full Drawing:
It will count all blocks in current drawing.

Specifying the window range, and blocks in specified range will be counted.
After modified the conditions above, the number of block changes in real time.

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