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About the Menu

Tap the three short dashes on the upper-left to display Menu; you could also display the Menu by finger sliding from left side of screen to right.

Account Information

After login, the left menu shows the user avatars, nicknames and the usage of Cloud. Click the user avatar to enter the account information page. This page can customize the avatar, modify the nickname, modify the login password, bind the phone number, bind the email, bind third-party account and log out, Device Management, Purchase history, Redeem code, Sign out.

DWG FastView for computer, for web and for mobile is one user system, users can access the files stored in the "My Cloud" through any terminal.


It displays messages sent by Gstarsoft.


Login and upgrade your account to use advance features.


You can access Help by the following way:
(1) Click “Help” in this page;
(2) Click “More” button on the top right corner of drawing area and click “Help” option to display Help information.

We will add more help tutorials including videos later.

Social Networks

There provides three kinds of social medias: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.
We share some documents and videos to help users easily use DWG FastView through social medias.


Please share your valuable comments and suggestions with us to help the DWG FastView continue improving.


Tap “Encourage” or “Review” to rate in application market. Tap “Later” to go back.

Share App

Share this application to your friends! Thanks for your support!


It displays some information about application, including product name, Version, Check update, Website of Gstarsoft, and Website of DWG FastView. Worth of mention is, tap on About, and then tap on the logo ten times, there is a popup of all device and app info. When you have any questions, it is necessary to copy this info to us.


Reference to“Settings”.

Slide from right to left to enter drawings page.

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