Creating Dashed Lines in DWG FastView for Mobile: A Quick Guide

DWG FastView for Mobile provides a seamless platform for mobile users to engage in precise digital design work. Among its array of features, the ability to draw dashed lines stands out as a crucial tool for conveying specific elements within drawings. Let's delve into a simple guide on how to achieve this within DWG FastView for Mobile:

Step 1: Open DWG FastView for Mobile

Step 2: Access Line Types in Setting

Once you have your drawing open, locate the menu icon situated in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on it to reveal a dropdown menu of options. From this menu, select "Line Type."

Step 3: Choose Line Types and Scale

After clicking "Line Type," you can see various kinds of line styles. Beneath the line style options, you'll find setting up scale details.

Step 4: Apply the Dashed Line Style

Once you've chosen the desired line style and adjusted the scale, exit the line style selection window and return to your drawing.

Step 5: Draw Dashed Lines

With the dashed line style now selected, proceed to draw dashed lines or shapes on your drawing. Utilize the drawing tools within DWG FastView for Mobile to create lines, circles, polygons, or any other shapes that require dashed outlines. As you draw, you'll notice that the lines adopt the selected dashed line style, enhancing their visual representation.

DWG FastView for Mobile offers a straightforward method for creating dashed lines within digital drawings. By accessing the line style options, users can effortlessly customize the appearance of dashed lines to suit their specific design needs. Whether annotating architectural plans, illustrating diagrams, or drafting technical drawings, the ability to incorporate dashed lines adds clarity and detail to digital designs, enhancing communication and comprehension. With DWG FastView for Mobile, users can elevate their mobile design workflow with ease and precision.

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