Draw a dotted line this way in DWG FastView for PC

When we need to draw dotted lines

We often use the dotted line when we are doing CAD drawing. For example, we need to use the dotted line when drawing three views; we also need to use the dotted line when drawing windows; we need to use the dotted line when making some distinctions.

Since the dashed line is so versatile, how should we draw the dashed line correctly in CAD? Today, I will teach you how to quickly draw a dashed line with DWG FastView for Windows.

Steps to draw dotted lines with DWG FastView for Windows

First, create a layer: open the DWG FastView for Windows, click [Layer Manager] in the common menu bar of the editing mode, and click the "New Layer" command in the "Layer Property Manager" that comes out.

Second, select line type: We will name the new layer "dotted line", click the "line type" position behind the layer, and select the corresponding line type in the "select line type" dialog box that comes out. Note: If there is no line type you want in the loaded line type, you can click the "Load" button at the bottom of the dialog box to enter the "Load or reload line type" dialog box, which contains a lot of line types, select Then click "OK", the line type will appear in the "loaded line type", click on the line type and confirm.

Third, lock the current layer: After the line type is selected, you must remember to double-click the state of the layer to set it as the current layer, as shown in the figure below, the state is displayed as √.

Fourth, draw a dotted line: Enter the "Edit" menu bar, click the "Line" command to draw a straight line on the interface, and the line type that comes out at this time is a dotted line!

Practice makes perfect.

Those are the steps to draw a dotted line. Dear users please remember to practise it.



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