Use DWG FastView to replace DWG Trueview completely

What is DWG Trueview?

Use DWG FastView to replace DWG Trueview completely

DWG TrueView is a free software program developed by Autodesk that allows users to view and share AutoCAD drawings (.DWG files) without needing to have AutoCAD installed on their computer. It provides a way for people who don't have access to AutoCAD to open and view DWG files and provides basic tools for measuring, marking up, and printing these files. DWG TrueView can also be used to convert DWG files to other file formats, such as PDF or DWF, which can be useful for sharing and collaborating on design files with others who may not have access to AutoCAD.

DWG Trueview is mainly used for viewing DWG files, a few simple marking, printing as well as converting DWG files to other formats. It is free, only working on Windows with nearly 1 GB size.

What is DWG Fastview?

Use DWG FastView to replace DWG Trueview completely

While DWG FastView, on the other hand, is a lightweight CAD viewer that provides all features as DWG TrueView, but with much more additional tools for creating and editing drawings. In addition to viewing and marking up DWG files, DWG FastView also allows users to create and edit drawings, measure and annotate drawings, and share drawings with others.

DWG Trueview is only a small subset of DWG FastView, which can work on many platforms such as Windows, Mobile and Web, with very small size.

What is the price of DWG Trueview and DWG FastView?

DWG Trueview is totally free but has very limited features, and only workable on WIndows with rather heavy package and big size.

DWG FastView has most features you may need in viewing and editing, converting and printing, sharing and sending DWG files, workable on Windows, Android, iOS, web. It is not totally free but provides free trial every day. Even no trial, most features are free, enough for largely needs.

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