Sharing & receive sharing in DWG FastView for PC

When you open DWG FastView, you can see Web Share and Receive Sharing. Open a drawing, click Web Share.

Then this drawing will be uploaded.

And then you will see:

You can send this link or QR code to the person you want to share with.  Please note, this is web share. That is to say, it can be only opened by a web browser. On the other hand, this is a temporary share, period of validity is 72 hours.

Let's go ahead. Click Cloud, you will see;

Select one of any drawings, only one. Then click the Share icon( arrow pointed):

Set valid days and visibility of annotations. Then click Confirm:

You can click the One key copy and then send it to the person you want to share with. If the person want to get this sharing, he can click Receive sharing, enter the password. The password just means One key copy. Simply paste it to next blank. Please note, here it is called password, but actually it is not the password alike, but a long string of characters. Later we will update here.

OK, that is what we introduced today. Have you learned?




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