New paid features after selecting an object

Dear users,

After you select any part on a drawing, including an entity, a text or other things, there will be some available commands for you to operate on what you selected. Let me explain them one by one.

Let me select a text:

Look at the screenshots please. From left to right, I will explain to you.

Edit text, means you can edit the text you selected. This command is not free.

Text height, means you can adjust the height of the text. This command is free.

Delete, means you can delete what you selected. Copy means to duplicate what you selected. The yellow V icon means advanced commands, not free. Click Rotate, you can rotate what you selected. Then you can move the selected.

Mirror, similar to Copy, but it is a copy like looking in the mirror. Scale is for you to zoom in and zoom out what you selected. Color, easy to understand, for you to change the color of the selected.

OK, that is all I can explain for this place. If you want to use the paid features, you can upgrade your account to premium. Also you can upgrade from mobile end by the following button:

upgrade button

Sure, if you don't want to pay, it is quite easy to use the advanced features too. The first method is to invite your friends to register and you & your friend will both get some free days to use all locked features; second method, every day you can claim 10 minutes free time of use for all locked features.

Just enjoy. If you need any help or have any suggestions, please contact us here.


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