How to switch CAD layers in mobile phone?

Those of you who often work with CAD drawings should know that CAD layers are very important in both drawing and viewing. In some complex CAD drawings, good use of CAD layer management tools can make you get twice the result with half the effort.

How to use the layer feature in DWG FastView for mobile

First, open DWG FastView for mobile, and then find the function of the layer tool. The following is the description of each function of the CAD layer tool, which can be operated on demand:

Layer list: In the layer list, click the corresponding layer to open or close the layer;

Close layer: click any layer in the drawing to close it;

Previous layer: Abandon the last change operation made to the layer settings;

Close others: click on the CAD layer that needs to be retained on the drawing, and close other layers except the selected layer;

Close all: Open all the layers that have been closed, and click the Open All button when needed, and the entire drawing will be displayed.


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