How to measure coordinates and mark on the drawing?

Today let me show you how to measure a coordinate and mark it on the drawing with DWG FastView for Windows.

First, start your DWG FastView for Windows and open a drawing, click the FastView tab on the top-left corner and then find Coordinate icon:

Click the Coordinate, and then you will be able to measure any coordinate of a point:

You can choose any point, it will display the X coordinate and Y coordicate, at the same time, creating an annotation on the drawing, I mean, the measured value marked on the drawing.

You can also customize more by clicking the setting nut icon on the right.

Now, there are 20 minutes free trial every day for free users. You can experience this feature easily. Likewise, you can also do it on our mobile version. Download any version below. The blue one is for Windows version.

DWG FastView provides free trial, but if you want to unlock all featues & close all ads, please click the button below to upgrade your DWG FastView account on mobile phone. If you want to upgrade on PC, click here. Wherever you upgrade your account on mobile app or on our website, the premium account is the same and can be used across devices, Windows and web browsers.

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