Good to know about DWG FastView

DWG FastView is a very powerful CAD drawing viewer and editor, easy of use and free for most of features. Today we list some small tips for you and see if you are already familar about them.

Tips good to know about DWG FastView

When you receive a drawing on social networks or instant messengers such as whatsapp, snapchat, can open it directly, as long as you installed DWG FastView.
On the home of DWG FastView, go to Drawings tab on top right corner, you can see all your drawings here. Click "All", filter by drawing format such as DWG, OCF, DXF and DWS. Click "Name", sort drawings by Name, Time, Size and Type. See the magnifier? Make a search there. On the rightmost, it's a view switcher. And you may not know, long press a drawing, a menu will pop up.

In last 30 days, the most popular free commands used by all of you include: quick command, when you operate a while with DWG FastView, you will see a foldable quick command above the tool menu. And top three functions triggered most are distance measurement, Line and layout.

When you select an object on the drawing, a group of commands will appear immediately below. People frequently use delete command. See the picture on the right.

For most features of DWG FastView, they are free. For some advanced features, although they are paid, yet also free for limited time. Everyday you can claim the trial premium. On the otherhand, if you are a new user, you can enjoy 7 days premium account. But if you are a heavy user of CAD drawings and want to remove ads and increase cloud storage permanently, we suggest a subscription for our DWG FastView and it's very cheap. Click the Upgrade button below the picture. If you are not satisified, you can cancel the subscription anytime!

Click here to upgrade your account

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