DWG FastView-General commands-Layer

When you open a drawing, in view mode, on the left 2nd group of commands are layer commands whereas in edit mode, it is located on the 4th place.

It provides Layer List, Layer Off, Off Other layers, Layer Previous, Turn All Layers On, Make Layer Current functions.

Layer list

It displays all layers in the list. Tap on one layer to turn it on or off.

Layer Off

It could turn one layer off by selecting one object on it.
Operation steps:
1: start “Layer Off” command;
2: select one object, the layer is turned off; and then you could select another object to turn off its layer.
3: tap “✓” to end it.

(turn) Off other layers

It could turn off other layers except selected layer.
Operation steps:
1: start “Off Other layers” command;
2: select one or more object;
3: tap “✓” to end it. All layers are turned off except selected layers in step 2.

Layer previous

Restored previous layer status.

Turn all layers on

Tap " Turn all layers on" to turn on all layers.

(set) Make layer (as) current

Select object whose layer will become current.

Operation steps:
Step 1 : start “Make Layer Current” command;
Step 2 : select one object according to command prompt: Select object whose layer will become current, it prompts: *** is now the current layer.

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