dwg fastview-general命令-導出

The current drawing could be exported to PDF format?or picture format, such as BMP, JPG, and PNG. When you open the drawing, the upper-right corner,  click on the three-point menu and you will see the export.

導出為 PDF 的步驟

1. Clicking ?Export? icon?and select ?Export to PDF??
2. Enter file name?
4. Select paper size or default?
5. Select paper orientation or default?
6. Select color or default?
7. 選擇導出範圍或默認;
8. Check ?Fit to paper? or default;
9. 輸入比例或默認值;
10. Click ?Export? to finish.


1. Clicking ?Export? icon, and select ?Export to Image?;
3. After adjusting the region click ??? to continue;
4. 輸入文件名;
6. 選擇導出格式:BMP、JPG 或 PNG;
7. 選擇顏色深度:
8. Click ?Export? to finish.


1. 本地圖紙:
從本地繪圖導出 PDF/圖像時,導出的文件將保存在與其繪圖相同的文件夾中。

2. 對於 My Cloud 或云存儲中的圖紙:
從 My Cloud 或 Cloud Storage 中的文件導出 PDF/圖像時,導出的文件保存在根目錄下的導出文件夾中。


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