DWG Fastview for Mobile を使用して CAD 図面の ID ポイントを測定するにはどうすればよいですか?

In CAD drawings, an ID point is a unique identifier that is assigned to an object or entity within the drawing. ID points are used to help locate and reference specific parts of the drawing, such as lines, curves, and shapes. They are often used in conjunction with measurement tools to precisely identify and measure different components of the drawing.

Recently the feature of measuring ID point was added to DWG FastView for Mobile. You can use it here:

Move the blue arrow to measure and the X & Y coordinates can be displayed below real-time.

この機能は毎日 10 分間無料ですが、さらに長く使用してすべての機能のロックを解除し、すべての広告を閉じたい場合は、下のボタンをクリックしてアカウントをアップグレードしてください (携帯電話の場合。PC でアップグレードしたい場合は、 ここに).

4 ?How to measure ID point in CAD drawing with DWG Fastview for Mobile?????


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