Cum să înregistrați măsurarea și să exportați în Excel în DWG FastView pentru Windows?

In general, the dimensions of CAD drawings measured by CAD software can only be viewed. If you want to export the measured results to Excel, how should you operate?

Today let me introduce you how to record the measurement and export to Excel in DWG FastView for Windows.

First step, open a drawing with DWG FastView for Windows and select measurement dimension in which you can measure distance, area and so on.  Take distance measuring for example,  click one point, and then another point, right click to finish, then to click the √ below.

Second step,  click Record under Measurement dimension, and then you will see the recorded results and lastly click the Export Excel.

OK, above is the way to record and export the measured results in DWG FastView for Windows. In DWG FastView for Mobile, it is easier and more powerful than in Windows. Read the post aici.


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