Why can't I open my drawing?

Want to see CAD drawings quickly?

Many designers often encounter a lot of CAD drawing problems in the process of using CAD to view drawings. Failure to open a drawing is one of the most troublesome problems, and it can also cause crashes in severe cases. How is this going? How to solve it? Let's take everyone to find out.

Usually there are three reasons.

The dwg drawing itself has flaws. You can use our Windows version to open it and you will see the reason.

The dwg drawing itself is too big or too complicated. Please compress it or divide it into two or three drawings.

The mobile phone memory is too small. You have to change for a big one.

However, don't worry now. You have DWG FastView. Even your drawing is very big and complicated or your phone memory is not enough , DWG FastView can open most of drawings.

You can download it here.

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