Try drawing comparison features now

In which situation do we need drawing comparisons?

At work, when the designer sends a drawing, remarks: This is a new drawing that I have revised, please follow this drawing to construct. At this time, are you looking dumbfounded, and it is not clear what has been changed, the construction project has already started, what if the construction is wrong?

With the DWG FastView for PC, there is no need to worry, because there is a simple method with which you can find the difference in the drawing rapidly, that is— -Comparison of drawings.

Before the formal comparison, we will show you two screenshots before the change and after the change. You can take a look. Can you find the changed content?

Try drawing comparison features now

Try drawing comparison features now

Not easy right? But with DWG FastView for Windows version, it is a piece of cake.

Use DWG FastView for Windows to compare the drawings easily

Open DWG FastView for Windows, select [Extension Tools], click [Drawing Comparison], and click [Browse] on the right side of the dialog box that comes out to find the old and new drawings that need to compare. You can also choose whether to save the comparison results (suggested to save, for easy comparison) and the save path. After selection, click the [Options] button below to proceed to [Comparison Settings], and click OK after setting.

Need to explain here: In the [Comparison Setting Options], you can set [Comparison Precision], [Comparison Properties] and view [Marker Color]. Different colors represent different results. This is very important.

In the old drawing, red represents deleted, pink represents changed.

In the new drawing, green represents added ones, and yellow represents changed ones.

All grays represent unchanged.

If you don't want to use these default colors, you can also modify the colors by clicking on the corresponding colors!

[Comparison setting options] After confirming, return to the drawing comparison dialog box and click [Compare] to start the drawing comparison operation.

Next, let's take a look at the results of drawing comparison.

Results after comparing old drawings:

The gray department is unchanged, the pink is changed, and the red is deleted. A total of 4 parts have changed.

Comparison results of new drawings:

The gray part is still unchanged, the green part has been added, and the yellow part has been changed. A total of 4 parts have been changed. The two positions where the yellow has changed correspond to the two pink ones in the old drawing above.

How is that? Is this method of drawing comparison simple, fast, and accurate? Now download the computer version of DWG FastView to experience more practical and simple functions!

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