Trzy sposoby rysowania prostokąta za pomocą programu Windows DWG FastView

Rectangle drawing is very common and important in CAD design. It is necessary for beginners to be proficient in this skill.

Let's start to draw a rectangle of 1000 length and 500 height.

Method 1: indicate the coordinates

We have two points, such as A and B. We set point A's coordinates to be (0,0) and C(1000,500)

In the edit mode, choose rectangle function, input 0,0 and enter, then input 1000,500 and enter.

Method 2: indicate length and width

Still in edit mode, choose rectangle function, select any point and then input D( means to draw with dimensions) then input 1000, 500. The rectangle will be formed.

Method 3: indicate area and length

Also in edit mode, choose rectangle function, select any point as the vertex, and then click A(means to draw with Area), then input 500,000, and length 1000. You finished drawing a rectangle.

Have you learned? Have a try.

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