Now try advanced features of measurement tool in DWG FastView for mobile

Hello dear users,

Measurement tool is frequently used in CAD viewer and editor like DWG FastView. Today allow me to introduce our advanced features in measurement tool to you.

There are users asking us questions like this:

The scale is incorrect when trying to measure. It appears to be set at half scale.
How do I change the scale to match the plan scale? The unit should be measured in feet...-Brian

Actually it is easy, you can adjust the scale in measurement tool, the ruler icon at the bottom of drawing.

Also the application will record all of your measurement actions and save them for you to count and export.

By the way, you can customize your length & angle measurement settings.

The scale feature is free but result record, count and precision settings are premium features. You can upgrade your account to access those premium features by clicking the button below!

upgrade button

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