Learn to enjoy Cloud sync of DWG FastView

DWG FastView is featured with many aspects, but one of most powerful is  Cloud drawing sync and coordination, as well as cross-device.

Let me take Windows version for example.

Start DWG FastView for Windows, on the Startpage you can see Cloud or My Cloud in two places. Click either one.

Just wait a little while, you can see as follow.( If your Internet is slow, you may wait a bit longer)

With My Cloud, you can upload your local drawings both on your PC and mobile phones, download from the Cloud, share, delete, move search and rename the drawings, create folders. It is a remote place where you can put your important drawings and organize them well so as to access them anywhere and anytime.

What do you think of it? Just download and try it free. Worthy of mention is, free trial only has 100MB and some features are locked. If you want 5GB storage and all features available, please buy it, monthly or annually.

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