Learn how to change the text size of the dimensions

When you are drawing with DWG FastView for Windows, you probably experienced the fact that text size of dimensions is too small and can't be changed. Today I will let you know how to change the size of the text for dimensioning.

In DWG FastView, we can have many ways of dimensioning such as linear dimension, aligned dimension, angle dimension and coordinate dimension. To dimension is to display how big or how long it is. So the text display is important, neither too small, nor too big.

Steps to change the size of text for dimensiong.

Open a drawing please. Take linear dimension for example, click the dimension tab on the navigation menu of the software.

On the 2nd item from the right, you can see the Style(of the dimension).

Open it, on the bottom right, you can change the height of the text and how big of the dimension arrow.

Click save. Then you will see a bigger and clear dimension!

Have a try. Download the DWG FastView for Windows now.







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