DWG FastView: modifica le caratteristiche per un oggetto selezionato

This post and ultimo messaggio are included in the same chapter of DWG Auxiliar display functions, which also can be viewed in the Menu, Help of DWG FastView mobile application. When a single object selected, the selected object is surrounded by a rectangle with four pinches at four corners; it displays Parameter switch on the left, Pinch switch on the bottom, Move icon in the center, and Rotate icon on the right.

Simple Edit

Press on one pinch and drag to scale selected object.
It displays scale value while dragging. After dragging, you could tap on value box to modify scales by popping keypad.
Press on Move icon and drag to move the selected object.
It displays the distance between the original position and current location. After moving, you could tap on value box to modify distance by popping keypad.
Press on Rotate icon and drag to change direction of selected object. It displays rotation angle when rotating selected object. After rotating, you could tap on value box to modify rotation angle by popping keypad.

Parameter Edit

Tap “Parameter Edit” icon to enter parameter editing state. In parameter editing state, you could change related parameters according to the selected object. Such as length or angle for a selected line; radius for a selected circle.
The parameter editing about arc is necessary to note specially.
Select an existing arc, it displays “Center Unlocked” by default. The start point and endpoint of arc are fixed. You could adjust the arc by modifying its radius and central angle.

Toccare l'icona "Centro sbloccato" e passare allo stato "Centro bloccato". Il centro dell'arco è fisso. È possibile regolare l'arco modificandone il raggio, l'angolo iniziale e l'angolo finale.

Pinch Edit

Toccare per accedere allo stato di modifica delle pizzicature. Potresti allungare uno dei loro pizzichi per cambiare la forma dell'oggetto selezionato.

Edit Menu

When objects selected, it displays editing menu and supplies the following related options: Edit Text(if text selected), Delete, Copy, Move, Rotate, Mirror, and Color.

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