How to view drawings annotated on mobile phones?

Dear users, you know recently we released DWG FastView for Windows.

Gradually there are some of you start to operate on personal computers, even though you knew it on mobile phones.

Good to know about DWG FastView for Mobile and Windows

DWG FastView has mobile version, Windows version and Chome version, everything of which can be synced across devices. For example, you bought the premium account on mobile phone and you will automatically get premium account on Windows and Chrome.

When we use DWG FastView for mobile to view the drawings, we often need to make annotations in the drawings. In order to display the content of the annotations more conveniently, sometimes it is necessary to insert a picture of annotation, then in DWG FastView for mobile how to view the content of image annotations inserted in the mobile version of DWG FastView on the PC version?

Let's take image annotation for example.

Do the image annotation

When you open the drawing in the mobile version, select the "View" mode, open the drawing, click the first on the left "comment" function in the menu bar at the bottom of the interface, select the "image" comment, and select the image on the interface. After inserting the point, select the image for annotation.

Save and upload the annotated drawings

After you completed the comment, click the "Exit" button in the upper left corner of the interface. When you exit, the system will prompt whether to upload. At this time, do not forget to select "Upload to cloud", select the cloud folder to save, and upload it.

Sync drawings from Cloud to DWG FastView for Windows

Open the Windows version of DWG FastView, log in to the cloud drawing, enter "My Cloud Drawing", find the corresponding folder, click the drawing you want to view, perform "Cloud Drawing Synchronization", and click the drawing to open it.

After the drawing is opened, remember to select "View Mode", in the "Cloud Annotation" menu bar, click the first "Select Annotation", and then click the annotation image in the drawing, and you can see the picture now after double-clicking it.

For more Windows tutorial, please refer here and we are preparing video tutorials currently so that some of you are not good at reading English.

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