How to solve" my drawing displays a lot of ??? question marks"?

There are some users reporting that DWG FastView can't display his drawing perfectly, some characters missing, a bunch of ??? questions marks showing there.

It is normal. We know this issue. DWG FastVIew has users around 190 countries and they have drawings with different languages. It is impossible for DWG FastView to prepare all languages inside the software.

If DWG FastView has not your language pack bult-in, then the characters on the drawing will display a row of ???.

How to solve this problem?

If you are using mobile DWG FastView, please go to settings and turn on the missing font reminder:

If you are using Windows DWG FastView, please also go to settings and try the two options and check your drawing:

After that, if your drawing still can't show perfectly, please send us your drawing to my email:


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