How to remove the drawing cache in DWG FastView?

The drawings opened in DWG FastView will be displayed on the home screen, mainly for the convenience of viewing the opened CAD drawings. But for a long time, there will be a large number of drawings on the home screeb, which is not easy to find. At this time, you need to clean up the open records of the CAD drawings on the home screeb. So how to clear the drawing cache? How to retrieve the cleared drawings? Let's take a look at the operation skills of DWG FastView to clear the drawing cache and retrieve the drawing after clearing the cache!

Steps to clear the drawing cache

Open dwg fastview, long press any drawing and you will see a popup including a “Clear”.

Retrieve method after clearing CAD drawing cache

It should be noted that only the cached drawings in DWG FastView can be retrieved.

In Favourites and Drawings you can find your cleared drawings. Or click the File tab on the bottom where you can see all your files. But please remember under the File, if you delete a file, you can't retrieve it.

If you uploaded files to the Cloud storage, and you deleted a file by accident, you still can retrieve it in your account by logging here;

You must do this within 10 days because files deleted are only kept 10 days.

The above is the operation skills of DWG FastView to clear the drawing cache and retrieve the drawings after clearing the cache. In order to avoid the loss of drawing files, It is recommended to upload the drawing to the cloud, and properly save your own CAD drawing file without occupying the mobile phone memory.




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