How to manage your drawings on different devices?

Do you know that you can view and edit the same drawing in your mobile phone and your Tablet or personal computer?

Yes, that is My Cloud in DWG FastView. It provides cloud service for users. Once you register, after logging in, you could manage your drawings in My Cloud, such as download, upload, move, copy, edit, synchronize, delete, share, and so on. When a drawing has been downloaded to local, it becomes an offline file; and you could view and edit it anywhere anytime. If you have a drawing on your iPhone, but one day you want to view and design on your iPad, no problem, just upload and download between the two devices through My Cloud.

By default, you have 100MB cloud storage.  If you want more space, just click the upgrade button below. After the upgrade, you get 5GB cloud storage and unlock all advanced features.

upgrade button

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