How to export your drawing as PDF in DWG FastView for Web?

DWG FastView has three platforms software, mobile(Android and iOS), Windows and Web. The easiest way to process your dwg drawings is to use our web version; you only need a browser, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

The steps to use DWG FastView for Web

First, go to our website, click Samples or Open your own drawings:

Open a drawing and you will see:

On the left, you can show full drawing, zoom in and out, measure distance, area, coordinates, arc length and Angle. On the top right corner, you have layer and layout operations.  Sure, this is far from enough.

How to enable more features of DWG FastView for Web?

Register on our official website and you will have a cloud storage where you can upload & download your drawings, export as PDF, image and print. On the other hand, you can do annotations online.

Let's see how to export dwg to PDF

You can check this example here. Do not forget to log in.


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