How to draw an arc with DWG FastView Windows version?

In DWG FastView for Windows, the drawing functions provided are: straight line, polyline, circle, rectangle and other drawing tools, which can draw a variety of CAD graphics. Today we will show you a drawing: an arc with an angle of 60°, a radius of 10, and a horizontal chord direction.

Open the drawing in DWG FastView, and switch the [View Mode] to [Edit Mode] in the upper left corner of the interface. Select the [Edit] menu bar under [Edit Mode] and click the [Polyline] command to specify the starting point of the arc on the interface.

According to the prompt of the dialog box on the interface, first input A to use the arc function; then input A to use the arc angle setting; enter the arc angle: 60.

The angle of the arc is determined, let's determine the radius of the arc. Input: R, enter the arc radius setting; input the arc radius as 10.

Finally we specify the direction of the arc chord. Input: 0, the direction of the arc chord is horizontal. Then: Enter. In this way, the angle is 60°, the radius is 10, and the arc with the chord direction horizontal is drawn.

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